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UMEX 2020: Hotzone Solutions Middle East showcased V40 CBRN detection UAV.

| 2020

At UMEX 2020, taking place in Abu Dhabi, ADNEC exhibitio, center, Hotzone Solutions Middle East showcased the V40 aerial radiation monitoring & identification uav.

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The aerial radiation monitoring & identification is based on the V40 Vertical takeoff/landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Paired with radiation detectors, this system is able to measure, monitor and identify radioactivity from below background up to life threatening levels. With its autonomous flight pattern, the V40 is able to do radiation mapping in a distance of tens of kilometers from the base of operation. CBRN sensor can be integrated as well.

The V40 UAV have a wingspan of 5.1m, a payload of 8kg and a curb weight of 38kg with a maxium takeoff weight of 45kg. The V40 UAV can either be powered by batteries with 400km+ maximum range, 90 km/h cruise speed, 130 km/h max speed or with addition to fuel engine it can go up to 1300km+, 95km/h cruise speed and 140 km/h max speed. The V40 boast a grade 7 (15 m/s) wind resistance and have a vertical landing accuracy of 1 meter. The system can also send a 1080P 30fps at 100km if no obstacle are in line with the base.


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