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UMEX 2020: Earth subdivision of EDGE presents its jet ski USV.

| 2020

Earth a subdivision of EDGE presented a wide range of products, including their Jet Ski Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) during UMEX 2020, taking place in Abu Dhabi from the 23 to 25th February 2020.

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The Jet Ski Unmanned Surface Vehicle is a modified jet ski water craft, whose small size and versatility makes it ideal for coastal surveillance, complex water rescue, transport and other maritime missions. The geographically tracked USV features a remote controlled configuration to mitigate personnel exposure to a variety of risks.

Operated wirelessly from a safe distance using a remote control deigned with an intuitive human-machine interface, the USV delivers efficient vehicle operation. It can also be equipped with a remote controlled weapon system for missions involving armed engagements.

The Jet Ski USV has a communication range of about 12km, a maximum speed of 40 mph while unmanned and can be operational for 8hours being remotely controlled.


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