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UMEX 2020: Cruden demonstrates its Fast Craft Simulator.

| 2020

At UMEX 2020, taking place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Duth company Cruden is demonstrating their know-how in simulation with their Fast Craft Simulator.

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The use of simulators as part of maritime training has existed for decades. The technology is well-proven, higly-advanced and has an application-focus on large vessel operations. With rapidly growing fast craft deployment and today's awareness of the risks involed in crew training, safe and efficient training methods specifically designed for these boat types are in high demand.

A professional training simulator with advanced authoring and AAR (After Action Report) capabilities may meet these needs, but only has training value if the simulation allows the crew to asses the sea surface visually, including wake systems, lee sides, wash,etc.. and that the boat responds dynamically correct and in sync with the motion and audio.

Already existing simulator made for larger vessels doesn't satisfy those requirements as they were designed for slow-response vessels. Dedicated systems for light weight,faster vessel, requires more planning to achieve a more convincing simulator for this type of vessel. Cruden has invested significantly over the past years to create a modular Fast Craft Simulator system that benefits from the company's 20 years of experience in Formula 1 and the automotive industry.

Cruden is able to simulate all RHIB and RBB types of vessels, fast wheelhouse patrol craft, water-jet, shafted propellers, surface and stern drive.


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