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Russian Defense ministry discusses 2021 arms procurement order.

| 2020

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu chaired a meeting of the ministry leadership in the National Defense Command Centre to discuss the arms procurement order for 2021 and the period of 2022-2023.
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“The Defense Ministry together with the Finance and Industry and Trade Ministries drafted the scheme of financing state contracts by goal-oriented credits with repayment in 2024-2027,” Shoigu said. “It will keep the planned volumes of arms and hardware supplies and provide load to defense enterprises in conditions of COVID-2019 epidemic, rule out price increase of state contracts and unplanned additional expenses of the federal budget,” he added.

In 2021, the Defense Ministry will continue deliveries of modern arms, as well as hardware overhaul and upgrade. “The provision of permanent readiness units with the latest arms will exceed 71 percent by early 2022 and hardware provision of the armed forces with exceed 98 percent,” Shoigu said.

Two thirds of 2021 appropriations will go to procure arms. The supplies of 3,400 units and an overhaul of 1,300 hardware units are scheduled. “The 2021 arms procurement order is preparing tender documentation and drafting state contracts with sole executors, and state contracts which will come into force after government approval. The arms procurement order next year will provide a balanced arming of the troops with modern hardware,” Shoigu said.

The minister proposed to discuss the experiment to form new-type airborne forces. “The experiment can be recognized as successful by the missions and strength of engaged forces. New methods to fulfil combat missions by air assault units on helicopters during maneuverable, network and hotbed combat activities were researched. The mobility of the units increased six times and the firepower grew 20 percent,” Shoigu said.

The experiment confirmed the necessity to develop new-type airborne units and streamline the theory and practice of the engagement of Airborne Forces as the backbone of the mobile armed forces.

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