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North Korea fired large caliber rockets from RSZO tracked MLRS.

| 2020

The first known tests of this system took place in August 2019 but, at that time, the canisters were partially covered, concealing the system. This time, photos of the last fire tests that took place on 29 March show the full size and similarity of the tracked version of the presumably 600mm RSZO, at least the transport and launch canisters. What is confusing is that the launch range of wheeled MLRSs was 350-400+ km, and here the launch was 230 km.

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On Sunday 29 March, the South Korean Committee of Chiefs of Staff (CSC) reported that DPRK launched two short-range ballistic missiles from the country's east coast towards the sea, flying 230km (picture source: KCNA/ЦТАК).

On 29 March, the DPRK's National Defence Academy conducted a test shooting of the “super-large” multiple rocket launcher system, which will be handed over to the military units of the Korean People's Army to confirm its tactical and technical characteristics again.

Member of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Party Central Committee Lee Byung-Chor, personnel of the CPC Central Committee's defense industry department and senior personnel of the defense research area, including Zhang Chang-ha and Jong Il Ho, led the test of the system which proved successful.

Deputy Chairman of the Party Central Committee Lee Byung Chor emphasized that the work on the operational deployment of the super-large multiple rocket launcher system is an important matter of great importance in the implementation of the Party Central Committee's new strategic plan related to national defense. He familiarized himself with the issues raised by the forthcoming transfer of the super-large multiple launch rocket system to the military units of the Korean People's Army and set the relevant tasks for the defense research area and military plants.

Deputy Chairman of the Party's Central Committee Lee Byung-Chor called on the defense research area and the military industry working class to continuously fight harder with the same impulse to further achieve the priority goals in the defense research area and production plans of important weapons set by the Party's Central Committee to protect the party and the revolution with invincible military power.

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