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Modernized Ukrainian T-72AMT tanks under speed and underwater driving tests.

| 2020

The Kyiv Armored Plant, together with the State Research Institute for Testing and Certification of Armaments and Military Equipment, conducted the next stage of testing of the modernized sample of the T-72AMT tank consisting of underwater driving.

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Ukraine's new T-72AMT undergoing live firing trials at a military testing ground (Credit: Ukroboronprom)

The upgraded sample of the T-72AMT tank was immersed in a reservoir to a water depth of 5 meters, where it successfully overcame a 10-meter distance.

Other tank characteristics were tested earlier at the Desna range in the Chernihiv region. The upgraded T-72AMT is heavier but fitted with a more powerful engine; undercarriage elements have been modified and a rear camera has been added to simplify backward maneuvers. These specifications were tested while driving on hard surfaces and off-road.

The T-72AMT uses a high-precision night vision device with electro-optical converters and a night scope with a rocket-guided fire to use this precision weapon. Also, the tank is equipped with a set of modern digital radio and satellite navigation system. The dynamic protection system has been improved, as well as the fire extinguisher. The tactical and technical characteristics of the tank are tested in the closest possible to real military conditions.

At the beginning of March 2020, the Kiev Armored Plant, which is a part of Ukroboronprom, handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine the last batch of six T-72AMT tanks, on which refinements were carried out in order to improve their combat and technical characteristics. With this, the CBTC completed the delivery of tanks under a state contract with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The first 25 units of refurbished T-72 tanks with improved tactical and technical characteristics were transferred to Ukrainian troops by two parties in January 2020.

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