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India has manufactured first local-made K9 Vajra 155 mm tracked self-propelled howitzer.

| 2020

According to a tweet published by the Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh on January 16, 2020, the Indian Defense Company, L&T’s Armored Systems Complex (ACS) has finalized the manufacturing of the first locally-made K9 Vajra-T 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzer.

India has manufactured first local made K9 Vajra 155 mm tracked self propelled howitzer 925 001
Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh on board the first local-made K9 Vajra-T 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzer. (Picture source Twitter account Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh)

In May 2017, the South Korean defense company Samsung-Techwin, along with its local Indian private-sector partner Larsen & Toubro (L&T), signed a contract for the sale of 100 modified K-9 Vajra 155mm self-propelled howitzers.

The K-9 Vajra 155 mm 52 caliber is a modified version of the South Korean-made K9 Thunder tracked self-propelled tracked howitzer designed and manufactured by the South Korean Company Samsung-Techwin. The development of the K9 began in 1989. The first prototype was rolled out and tested in 1996. The design phase was completed in 1998 and serial production began in 1999. The first batch of K9 was delivered to the Republic of Korea Army in 1999.

The K9 155mm tracked self-propelled in now in service with South Korea, India, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Norway, and Egypt has performed an evaluation test of the K9.

The main armament of the K9 Thunder consists of a 155 mm/52 caliber ordnance with a maximum firing range of 40 km. A total of 48 projectiles and their associated charges are carried for ready use. Internally an automatic loading system takes projectiles from the storage position and places them onto the ammunition tray ready for ramming.

The K9 Thunder has a maximum rate of fire of 6 rounds per minute and is capable of multiple-round simultaneous-impact firing. It is able to fire three rounds in 15 seconds, each in a different trajectory so that all of the shells arrive on target at the same time.

The K9 can fire all standard NATO 155 mm caliber ammunition. It can fire standard HE projectile at a maximum range of 30 km and rocket-assisted projectile at 40 km.

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