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British company WFEL will deliver retrofit kits for Dry Support Bridge system of US army.

| 2020

WFEL Ltd., Stockport, Cheshire, United Kingdom, was awarded an $8,034,740 firm-fixed-price contract for retrofit kits for the Dry Support Bridge system. The DSB is a tactical military bridging system that is in service with the armed forces of the United States, Turkey, Australia, and Switzerland.
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Dry Support Bridge (DSB) 40-meter system offers troops and combat vehicles to cross gaps of 46 meters. (Picture source WFEL)

The British Company WFEL is a producer of modern bridging systems for use in military and disaster relief scenarios. the company has supplied tactical military bridge systems to more than 40 armed forces across the world for over four decades. WFEL bridges can be built in less than one hour, either by hand for the MGB (Medium Girder Bridge) or via a semi-automatic process for the DSB (Dry Support Bridge).

The DSB is designed to provide armed forces with the ability to transport military equipment over land and water obstacles and is also suitable for civilian applications.

Just eight soldiers and a single launch vehicle can get traffic moving over a 46-meter gap in less than 90 minutes using the Dry Support Bridge (DSB). The DSB is the leading rapidly-deployable tactical military bridge of its kind in the world, both in military and disaster relief operations. With an MLC 120 rating, the DSB is in service with the US, Swiss, Australian, and Turkish Armies and has repeatedly proven its value in the field, with deployment in the USA, Europe, South Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The DSB can span a 46m gap under 90 minutes. Its primary mission is emplacement on main supply routes in the rear of the area of direct combat, while its secondary mission is to support and maintain the momentum of attack, when water and dry-gap obstacles are encountered that exceed the capabilities of assault bridging assets.

To date, almost 200 DSB bridging systems have been supplied to armed forces around the world.

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