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ShieldAfrica 2019: Luceor WiMesh private network for military and security applications.

| 2019

At ShieldAfrica 2019, French Company Luceor introduces the WiMesh private network solution configured for military and security applications that can be used in case of emergency or combat operations offering a a secure military network with a maximum range of 10 km and fully encrypted.

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The Luceor WiMesh routers can stand-alone or be deployed together with other networking equipment. (Picture source Luceor)

French Company Luceor has developed the WiMesh, a new technology of private network solutions enabling the rapid deployment of private mobile broadband IP networks to complement Tetra or 4G networks and builds highly resilient tactical networks to transmit voice, video and data at very high speed.£

Based on military concepts and research conducted at French research institute INRIA, Luceor's WiMesh is a European technology. Over the years, it has been enriched with highly-sophisticated algorithms, some of which have been patented. Thanks to the unparalleled performance of LuceorOS, our WiMesh routers guarantee total connectivity on site, on the move and on demand.

Whether you need a permanent or temporary broadband infrastructure, a 100% autonomous emergency network, or connecting fast moving equipment, there is a WiMesh router for your use case.  Designed to be deployed both indoors and outdoors in harsh environments, they will match your most demanding requirements.

Luceor WiMesh routers are self-configurable. They automatically discover those nearby and securely connect step-by-step to each other to instantly build a dynamic radio infrastructure. No complex configuration is required. Smooth, simple and ultra-fast, even non-technical staff can handle it – a relief in emergency situations and an invaluable advantage for strategic missions.

Designing, configuring, deploying, managing and troubleshooting your broadband wireless infrastructure doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming. A unique offer on the market, Luceor’s MeshTool Suite gives you an instant view of your entire WiMesh infrastructure. Complete with an intuitive graphic interface and advanced feature set, it will change the way you look at managing a private mobile network.

The Luceor WiMesh routers can stand-alone or be deployed together with other networking equipment. They offer Ethernet or Wi-Fi interfaces to connect sensors, cameras, LANs or any IP devices to your existing IP network. Thanks to the rich Layer 2/Layer 3 features of LuceorOS, our WiMesh routers fit easily into the most complex IP networks.

Luceor is revolutionizing “outdoor” communication systems by offering completely autonomous wireless solutions! Perfectly integrated, Luceor standalone solutions are easy to deploy and can even power your connected devices (cameras, sensors, etc.). Forget about cabling and connectivity constraints – just deploy your temporary network quickly and simply anywhere.

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