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Partner 2019: New Kerber triple 20mm RCWS Remote Controlled Weapon Station.

| 2019

At Partner 2019, Yugoimport unveils a new upgrade of the BOV-3 anti-aircraft turret under the name of Kerber, a new RCWS remote controlled weapon station armed with three 20mm cannon. The BOV-3 is a self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun (SPAAG) based on the BOV-M 4x4 wheeled chassis designed and built in the former Yugoslavia.

New Kerber triple 20mm RCWS Remote Controlled Weapon Station Partner 2019 925 001
New Yugoimport 20mm anti-aircraft Remote Controlled Weapon Station at Partner 2019, International Fair of Armament and Defense Equipment Exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia. June 26, 2019.  (Picture source Army Recognition)

The BOV-3 was unveiled in 1984 during a defense exhibition in Egypt. The main armament of the BOV-3 consists of three M55A4B1 20 mm cannon. Each of the three 20 mm cannons has a drum type magazine holding 60 rounds of 20 × 110 mm ammunition with an external indicator showing how many rounds are available. The triple 20 mm cannons are aimed via a J-171 sight mounted to the rear of the gun shield. The gunner has a joystick to control elevation and traverse and a foot pedal for firing the cannon.

The new RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon Station) 20/3 mm KERBER is armed with a 20 x 110 mm gun effective at ranges up to 2,000 m and equipped with up-to-date optoelectronic sensors controlled by a power unit i.e. a motor with zero-backlash gear reducers providing easy control and better accuracy at all ranges.

Being a low-signature weapon, it is primarily mounted on vehicles, but it can also be installed on ships, fast patrol boats, or stationary structures. The three guns provide massive firepower to the system (1800 rds/min) against aerial targets (helicopters, transport aircraft, slow low-flying aircraft, UAV's, cruise missiles, paratroopers etc.), seaborne targets (mobile and stationary vessels), and ground targets (light armored vehicles, transporters, command posts, logistics support bases, enemy troops etc.).

The new Keber turret has a modern design with the cannon mounted at the front, consisting of three HISPANO M55 20mm cannon. The new RCWS is fully electrically powered with a traverse of 360° and elevation from -5° to +70°. As for the original turret of the BOV-3, each cannon has a drum magazine with 60 rounds. There are three additional drum magazines in the turret and some spare drums in the vehicle.

The cannon have a maximum firing range of 5,500 m and a rate of fire of 1950-2250 rounds per minute. The turret has a weight of 1,100 kg without ammunition.

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