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New camouflage combat uniform for the Austrian army soldiers.

| 2019

In March 2019, Soldiers from the Austrian army have received the first camouflage combat uniform. Since the 1970s, the standard combat uniform of the Austrian Army has been olive green.

New camouflage combat uniform for the Austrian army soldiers 925 001
New camouflage combat uniform of Austrian army soldiers. (Picture source Austria MoD)

The Austrian Ministry of Defense announced in September 2017 that the entire of the Austrian Army would eventually be outfitted in new uniforms featuring a unique, Austrian camouflage pattern. This new camouflage design combines six colors (grey, dark olive, medium olive, lichen green, khaki, and sand) in a variegated pattern that is intended to replicate the type of native vegetation found in Austria.

On March 4, 2019, new Austrian camouflage uniforms were issued to the soldiers. The Styrian Jägerbataillon 18 became the first unit to be equipped, with Austrian Minister of Defense Mario Kunasek personally handing over the clothing. From now on, a total of 3,000 to 4,000 soldiers are planned to follow every year.

The so-called "Tarnanzug neu" was developed by experts of the Austrian Armed Forces and features a unique design. Besides the desired camouflage effect in natural environments, the new camo pattern will also ensure concealment when encountered by optronic devices like night vision.

The new dress is a derivative of the current battle dress uniform and will feature the option to use protective inserts for elbows and knees. Reserve units are due to receive the new sets as well.

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