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MSPO 2019 : Ukroboronprom presents scale model of TAYRA intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance vehicle..

| 2019

The Ukrainian multi-product company Ukroboronprom (UOP), showed a prototype of the new TAYRA intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance vehicle at MSPO 2019, international defence exhibition.

MSPO 2019 Ukroboronprom prototype of TAYRA intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance vehicle 925 001
TAYRA intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance vehicle (Picture source Army Recognition)

TAYRA is a modular, mobile, day and night integrated Intelligence, Surveillance, a reconnaissance Vehicle (ISRV), capable to operate in rough terrain and to perform ISR missions in all weather conditions.

The TAYRA ISRV detects, identifies, and tracks targets in areas of interest and creates a real-time situational awareness picture. The high mobility TAYRA ISRV can be rapidly deployed in any terrain and operated either independently or as a part of a central network, making it ideally suited for covert support of manoeuvring forces or border protection, for military, and policing security missions.

The TAYRA 4x4 ground armoured vehicle can host four combat crews. Its top speed is 120 km/h and its maximum highway endurance is 800 km. It embarks the ISR system as intelligence equipment, air filtration system, satellite-based system CH-4215 and air conditioner system with a capacity of 6.5 kW. The TAYRA ISRV is the successor of the Dozor-B which is a 4x4 light armoured vehicle personnel carrier designed and manufactured in Ukraine by the Company by Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau (KMDB).

Ukroboronprom (UOP) is an association of multi-product enterprises (conglomerate or concern) in various sectors of the defence industry of Ukraine. The Concern includes enterprises which operate in development, manufacture, sale, repair, modernization and disposal of weapons, military and special equipment and ammunition and participating in military-technical cooperation with foreign states. The organisation has the functions of strategic planning, interaction with public authorities and coordination with divisions.


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