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MSPO 2019: RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems LTD presents anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

| 2019

As every year, also during this year's edition of MSPO in Kielce, the Israeli RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd distinguishes itself with one of the largest stands in the main hall and a wide range of its products.

MSPO 2019 anti aircraft and anti tank missiles from RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems LTD 925 003
Anti-aircraft missiles SPIKE at MSPO 2019 (Picture source Army Recognition)

An important element of this year's exhibition of the Israeli arms giant is a wide aviation proposition. The individual offer includes, among others, anti-aircraft SPYDER missile, air-ground SPICE ammunition and anti-tank SPIKE ER2 rockets.

The first is the SPYDER anti-aircraft missile family, which consists of I-Derby and Python-5 rockets. An example of the former is the I-Derby ER variant, i.e. the Long Range model (BVR). According to the manufacturer, the range of this model is over 100 kilometres. This design is adapted to integrate with such aircraft as F-16, F-15, Su-30, JAS-30, F / A-50, as well as Mirage-2000 and HAL Tejas. Rafael emphasizes that I-Derby ER can be successfully used in SPYDER-SR ground-air systems, which, according to assurances, is able to neutralize aircraft, manoeuvring rockets, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. The SPYDER-SR version uses an inclined launcher and can attack targets at distances up to 15 kilometres on a ceiling from 20 meters to over 9 kilometres. In the SPYDER-MR variant (vertical launcher), the range is up to 50 kilometres with a ceiling of over 16 kilometres. Rafael promotes her as a proposal on the Narew program.

In addition, Rafael presents SPICE (Smart, Precise Impact, Cost-Effective) air-ground ammunition in Kielce. This solution modifies the Mk 84 and Mk 83 aerial bombs, transforming them into precision ammunition. According to Rafael's data, the soaring bomb guided then has a range of about 100 kilometres. SPICE-250 is not a modifying package but created from scratch as an independent means of destruction of a wide range of ground targets. It has a double guidance system - electro-optical and satellite. Rafael emphasizes that this system remains effective regardless of weather conditions - both at night and during the day.

Rafael presents the SPIKE anti-tank guided missiles well known in Poland. In total, Rafael revealed to MSPO, these rockets in various versions were sold in quantities of 30,000 units to 33 recipients around the world. Together, the rockets were integrated with over 45 different platforms. Although there are many variants described several times in our pages, during this year's edition the main focus was on the Spike ER2 variant, offered both for new tank destroyers and helicopters - Rafael is counting on a contract on the occasion of the modernization of Polish Mi-24, but also has I hope that Spike ER2 will be used by Soko?ów (G?uszców) and new helicopters, which may someday be acquired under the Kruk program. This model was presented last year. It is worth remembering that the helicopter version has a range of about 16 kilometres, while for ground vehicles it is about 10 kilometres. The curb weight of this variant is 35 kilograms.


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