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MSPO 2019 : Piorun MANPADS Mobile air defence system showcased by PIAP.

| 2019

The Lukasiewicz - PIAP Institute presented at MSPO 2019 in Kielce a technology demonstrator of a mobile air defence combat system armed with Piorun MANPADS (ASBOP–PERKUN) developed in partnership with the Telesystem-Mesko company.

MSPO 2019 Mobile air defence system showcased 925 001
Mobile air defence combat system (ASBOP–PERKUN) (Picture source Army Recognition)

According to the manufacturer, the ASBOP–PERKUN system ‘is a combination of a high level of tactical mobility and instant reaction to emerging of various kinds of airborne threats, such as missiles, UAVs, rotary and fixed-wing platforms.’

The system is composed of the six-wheeled chassis of the IBIS UGV from the Lukasiewicz – PIAP Institute fitted with a launcher for two Grom/Piorun air defence missiles designed by Mesko. The chassis is characterised by an independent drive for each wheel, which allows it to operate in varied terrain. The system can reach a top speed of up to 10 km/h. A specifically designed of mobile base suspension works to optimise wheel contact with the ground, improving stability while detecting, following and countering aerial threats.

Target acquisition is conducted by the use of onboard detection systems or based on the information coming from external sources, like radar stations. The system is also designed to receive and analyse IFF data in order to differentiate allied and enemy combat platforms.

Integration of the ASBOP–PERKUN took manufacturers only a few weeks, as both elements of the platform are off the shelf products, widely used by a number of customers. However, the system requires more conceptual works, which will enhance its performance and operational capabilities, meeting requirements of potential future customers. A series of field trials are also expected to take place in the coming months in order to improve the platform’s design.

A single operator should be able to control from 2-4 air defence platforms at a time. However, the final number will depend on the configuration of the system ordered by the particular customer as well as the range of challenges it will have to face on the battlefield.

Currently, the system is being designed as a typical air-and-missile defence platform, able to operate in a static or on-the-move mode, providing protection to strategic infrastructure or allied troops in the field. However, the plans are being stated to adjust the system to counter a much wider range of threats, such as land, armoured platforms.

It is expected that the new air defence system will draw a lot of attention from potential export clients. Systems such as ASBOP–PERKUN could become an alternative to man-portable air-defence systems, which are more costly to use, due to the need of fielding the operator in direct proximity to the potential area of attack.


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