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MSPO 2019: HSW RAK 120mm mortar system mounted on tracked chassis.

| 2019

The Polish Company HSW showcases new solution of mobile 120mm mortar artillery system RAK mounted on tracked chassis. The RAK mortar system is already in service with the Polish army mounted on the ROSOMAK 8x8 wheeled armored vehicle. The 120mm RAK mortar can conduct indirect, semi-direct and direct fire against mechanized units, command posts, command-observation points and fortifications.

HSW RAK 120mm mortar system mounted on tracked chassis MSPO 2019 defense exhibition Poland 925 001
HWS RAK 120mm mortar system mounted on tracked chassis at MSPO 2019, International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The 120mm RAK mortar turret is fully autonomous which was achieved thanks to the use of modern tracked chassis with hydro-pneumatic suspension in combination with TOPAZ integrated communications, command, and fire control system (C4I), which enables automatic cooperation with external, C4I-compliant command and fire control systems. The reliable operation of the mortar is ensured by the TALIN 5000 and GPS with SAASM module inert navigation system with an odometer and the ballistic computer which displays the current tactical situation on the screen.

One of the most crucial and innovative solutions incorporated into the mortar are the automatic aiming systems and the automatic loading system that is operable regardless of the turret's current angle. This new mobile artillery system uses a 120mm caliber barrel mounted on a turret which has a traverse of 360° and elevation from -3° to +80°. The mortar has a firing rate of 6 to 8 rounds per minute with a maximum firing range of 10 km. The mortar artillery system is fitted with a rotary magazine with an automatic loading system that contains 20 rounds. Additional ammunition can be carried in a magazine located in the chassis.

The 120mm RAK mortar system mounted on a tracked chassis has a crew of three including the driver and two operators in the turret. The vehicle can be ready to be in action for firing operations in maximum of 30 seconds and leave the position in less than 15 seconds.

The HSW 120mm mortar system on tracked chassis with hydro-pneumatic suspension ensures reliability and high mobility of the vehicle while maintaining the highest operating ergonomics parameters and crew safety standards. The hydro-pneumatic suspension used causes faster mortar stabilization after firing.

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