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Milipol Paris 2019: Bertin Technologies displays its solutions for detection and identification of all CBRN threats.

| 2019

Increasingly facing with terrorist organizations, governmental authorities have to develop new solutions and technologies for the detection and identification of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear) threats. To support this approach, Bertin Technologies – a subsidiary of CNIM Group – designs & markets a comprehensive range of high-performance solutions dedicated to all CBRN threats. To this date, Bertin is the only French manufacturer able to offer proprietary solutions to answer the needs of first responders, for the whole CRBN threat.

Milipol Paris 2019 Bertin Technologies displays its solutions for detection and identification of all CBRN threats
Multiprobe survey meter SaphyRAD MS (Picture source:  Bertin Technologies)

Nuclear & Radiological

With its strong experience in providing radioactivity detection equipment to the leading civil actors of the nuclear sector, Bertin addresses security issues for men & lands, with systems such as:

- The SaphyRad MS, multiprobe survey meter especially designed for CBRN and HAZMAT(HAzardous MATerials) teams. Its ruggedized housing and ergonomic interface make it easy-to-use, even in harsh environment. This instrument allows for first controls, especially on people and/or vehicles, to find radioactive sources in real-time and to measure contamination on all surfaces.

- The SaphyGATE GN, a smart radiation portal monitor for vehicle & load control. Following the highest quality standards, this new Radiation Portal Monitor aims at monitoring illicit movements of radioactive materials in critical sites such as customs, harbors or airports. It provides noninvasive inspection of vehicles and containers.


In order to support CBRN teams and first responders in case of suspicious biological warfare agents, Bertin developed the Coriolis range – handheld & ruggedized bio-air samplers – to collect and concentrate bio-aerosol particles, so the sample is compatible with all types of analysis methods. Combined with the new all-in-one qPCR kit Biotoxis – which simultaneously detects and identify the 3 main agents of the biological threat (B. anthracis, Y. pestis and F. tularensis, 3 pathogens) – those solutions allow for a quick & reliable answer for an immediate response in case of proven biological attacks.


Compact, lightweight and adaptive, Second Sight MS is the only standoff chemical and toxic gas cloud detector for real time surveillance and source localization, capable of providing a comprehensive understanding of the situation. Able to identify chemical warfare agents & toxic industrial compounds, Second Sight MS also detects impure gas – known or mixed – for an improved capacity for action.


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