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IDEX 2019: SH-01 drone by PSDSARC.

| 2019

Prince Sultan Defense Studies and Research Center (PSDSARC) from Saudi Arabia was present at IDEX 2019 to present its  Shaheen SH-01, a vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), designed for surveillance, reconnaissance and transport applications. The system is able to takeoff as well from land as ships.

IDEX 2019 SH 01 drone by PSDSARC
SH-01 (Picture source: PSDSARC)

Made from a light-weight, carbon composite structure, this UAS has four electric motors, rotating wings for efficiency and tilt wing capability. Wings and tails are removable for transportation.

SH-01 can go to a maximum altitude of 3000m, for a maximum endurance of 3 hours. It has a stabilized EO/IR Day-Night vision and object scanning & tracking system. Communications are made with a data link S/C Band(Omni), for a communication range of 50 km.

Navigation and flight control are operated with a redundant navigation and flight control computer. It features a GPS/INS based navigation with air-data assist and flight director (Airspeed, Altitude, Heading).


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