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IDET 2019: Zetor displays ATV GERLACH 4x4 in new combat version.

| 2019

Zetor Engineering came at IDET 2019 in Brno, Czech Republic, with a full range of vehicles. Among these vehicles, the company has brought the Armoured Tactical Vehicle (ATV) GERLACH 4x4 in its brand new combat version, armed with a remote-controlled weapon system for machine-gun fire.

IDET 2019 Zetor displays ATV GERLACH 4x4 in new combat version
The GERLACH ATV 4x4 made by Zetor on display at IDET 2019, Czech Republic (Picture Source: Army Recognition)

Nowadays, the vehicle GERLACH of the Slovak company Zetor, in the class ATV 4x4, is one of the most modern concepts of this class, and it is predestined for modern armed forces. The vehicle is excellently designed in terms of the safety and unprecedented protection of the crew and mobility and since the beginning of the development, it has reflected the newest requirements on the protection and mobility corresponding with the dangers of the present armed operations.

The system of the pressurized modular safety cabin can to enables distribute the crew 2+4 in the COMPACT PROTECTED ZONE; it this class it has incorporated all most modern elements, which reach up to the level of high protection as well as ergonomy with the objective to decrease vibrations and noise as much as possible.

The vehicle has got excellent characteristics mainly on the road, where it reaches the speed up to 125km/hour. During testing in military areas, with a load of 14 tons, it overcame a terrain step of 0.5 m and a 1 m wide trench. The modularity and mobility are also perfect in the rough terrain including sand terrains, since it is possible, without major interventions and cost to change the version, i.e. the deployment of the vehicle in the range Transport - Protection - Combat very comfortably and quickly.

It is capable of carrying 6 crew members with a height of up to 190 cm and a body weight of up to 130 kg (including gear). A highly variable cargo helps to carry a further 1.5 tonnes. In compliance with NATO AEP-55 STANAG 4569 standard, Gerlach provides ballistic protection: Vol. 1, Level 3; and mine protection: Vol. 2, Level 3a and 3b.

The GERLACH project is targeted at all markets where the replacement of often outdated 4x4 vehicles is ongoing or under preparations. The vehicle is currently ready to participate in the announced Slovak tender. In other NATO countries and around the world, the vehicle is presented through feasibility studies to show, where it can immediately take part in announced tenders.


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