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FEINDEF 2019: FERRI displays its USV Victoria unmanned speed boat.

| 2019

For more than fifty years, the Spanish company FERRI has been specializing in making equipment for all types of vessels. The USV Victoria is the first of its type designed and manufactured in Spain.

FEINDEF 2019 FERRI displays its USV Victoria unmanned speed boat
FERRI USV Victoria unmanned boat (Picture source: Army Recognition)

USV Victoria’s technology is adaptable to any boat model. Its robotics can be used to remotely control cranes, davits, winches and other systems. FERRI Systems is specialized in electricity, electronics and software of control.

The USV Victoria is 4-ton class speed boat powered by two 300 hp outboard engines enabling the boat to reach 50 knots. It is 12.5 meter long and 4.3 meters high. The autonomy can reach 1,000 nautical miles. When not piloted by somebody onboard, its unmanned operation enables various uses. Cameras provide a 360° view. The boat can be armed with various types of heavy machine guns or grenade launchers.


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