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FEINDEF 2019: ATL Europa unveils C-RPAS drone jammer by blocking RF signal.

| 2019

ATL Europa’s INH-606-SW1W2 is a personal anti-drone equipment (C-RPAS) that works by RF signal blocking, a system of countermeasures that guarantees the neutralization of all commercial drones using the 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz frequencies and GNSS positioning at 1.2GHz and 1.5GHz.

FEINDEF 2019 ATL Europa unveils drone jammer by blocking RF signal C RPAS
ATL Europa's jammer (Picture source: Army Recognition )

The system is designed in a portable format, consisting of an RF antennas rifle (model CON-001-SW1W2) and the self-powered jammer device in backpack format. In this way, a single person can activate jamming by simply pressing the trigger of the RF rifle, achieving the neutralization of the communications received by the drone from the remote control, the cancellation of video transmission and photos, and blocking the satellite navigation signal.

Depending on how the RF rifle is programmed, the user can launch countermeasures with different results to the drone:
- Force the drone to make a controlled landing for its capture.
- Force it to return to the take-off point, so facilitating the tracking to the remote control and capture the operator.
- Force the drone to remain in stationary flight without obeying the flight action orders.
- Block the transmission of video and photos from the drone to the remote controller.

The INH-606-SW1W2 unipersonal jammer device is designed to disable the drone without causing any type of damage, which may affect the investigations and forensic tests carried out after its capture.


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