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FEINDEF 2019: Adaptive Systems to present new all-weather Mistral missile room and portable simulator.

| 2019

Adaptive Systems will present its latest development of All-weather Mistral Anti-Aircraft Missile Portable Simulator, among other simulators. The Spanish Army has already bought and is currently using five of these systems.

FEINDEF 2019 Adaptive Systems to present new all weather Mistral missile room and portable simulator
Simulator for Mistral anti-aircraft missile system (Picture source: Adaptive Systems)

These portable simulation systems have these new capabilities: very easy installation in any place within a few minutes, fully compatible with the company’s Room Mistral Simulation System (in use by the Spanish Army Artillery Academy); it can be used stand-alone or interconnected (2, 3 or more simulators working in the same war zone -platoon training); it can be integrated in the Spanish COAAAS (Fire Direction Center; expandable, adaptable to specific army needs.

As they are built with re-usable and low-cost commercial components (COTS) and use the same common core software as the rest of Adaptive range of simulators, it facilitates easy updates according to the needs.

Adaptive Systems has developed military simulators since 1996. The company produces up to eight different kinds of simulators (fixed and portable). These include anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile simulators for military training purposes that emulate the behavior of Milan, TOW, Spike, Mistral, 3590, C-90 and Alcotan C-100 weapon systems, among others. Adaptive Systems has delivered and provides continuing support for about 115 simulation systems in Spain, where his headquarters are located.

All Adaptive’s Simulators perform the triple-function of teaching students, providing doctrine instruction, and facilitating shooter training. These simulators also provide the opportunity for training at all levels, from new mission creation and analysis, target location and tracking, to the planning and execution of firing exercises (briefings) and result analysis (debriefings). 


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