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ExpoDefensa 2019: Spain the guest nation with 16 defense and security companies.

| 2019

The International tri-service security and defense exhibition, Expodefensa 2019 will take place in Bogota, Colombia, from 2 to 4 December 2019, with more than 130 exhibitors. ExpoDefensa becomes a key Defense and Security event in Latin America and the Caribbean. For the edition 2019 of Expodefensa, Spain is the guest nation with a total of 16 Defense and Security companies that will exhibit at this event.

Spain the guest nation with 16 defense and security companies ExpoDefensa 2019 925 001
Spain guest nation at ExpoDefensa 2019, Defense and Security Exhibition that will take place in Bogota, Colombia from 2 to 4 December 2019. (Picture source Army Recognition)

At Expodefensa 2019, Spain will be represented by the most important defense and security companies including Navantía, Saes, GDELS, Expal, Instalaza, Tecnobit, SDLE, Airbus, Aertec Solutions, Hispasat, Hisdesat, Escribano, Everis Aerospace and Defense, Indra, Innovation for Shelter, ITP Aero and Sener Aerospace.

The Spanish Defense Industry accounted today for some 609 companies, generating over 21,000 direct jobs. The four leaders of the local industry (shipbuilder Navantia, land systems’ manufacturer GDSBS, aerospace giant EADS and Spain’s IT champion Indra) account for nearly 80% of the sector turnover, though some 50 companies are considered large in terms of employees.

In 2015 and in the defense sector, these companies’ turnover amounted to 5,891 M€. We should also underline the important effort of internationalization that has been made by the Spanish defense industry, which accounts for more than 83 % of the total turnover. This is evident if we compare the 4,914 M€ invoiced abroad in 2015, with the 2,349 M€ of 2011, when the exports didn’t exceed 43 % of the defense market.

Latin America is one of the two foreign policy focuses of Spain, the other being the European Union. The Spanish government states that “Latin America is one of the fields of action par excellence for Spain due largely to the strong ties between the two. Spain does not trade with Latin America by large volume, but nevertheless maintains a very strong economic presence in the region

The Colombian defense industry is expected to register steady growth over the next five years due to the rise of both external and internal security threats, along with the stabilization of the economy. Colombia exhibits a complex security environment due to the presence of various extremist armed rebel forces.

Moreover, the rise in drug trafficking and other public safety issues such as kidnapping and extortions has compelled the current administration to reshape its defense forces by procuring arms, main battle tanks, UAVs, and air defense systems. In 2018, the outgoing president of Colombia - Juan Manuel Santos (2010-2018) signed an agreement with NATO, to become its global partner.

This newly developed alliance is expected to enhance transparency in the arms and ammunition procurement process. Although the country allocated an average of 3.9% of its GDP for defense sector during the historic period, the majority of the budget was allocated to revenue expenditure, and this trend is expected to continue over the forecast period.

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