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ExpoDefensa 2019: Nexter Systems promotes its modern artillery systems for Latin America countries.

| 2019

The French Company Nexter Systems, a member of KNDS Group presents its full range of defense equipment and products at ExpoDefensa 2019, the International Defense and Security Exhibition in Bogota, Colombia. On the booth of Nexter Systems, the company presents artillery systems, a wide range of ammunition from 20 to 155 mm caliber, 20 mm automatic cannon range as well as unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) from its subdivision Nexter Robotics.

Nexter Systems promotes its modern artillery systems for Latin America countries ExpoDefensa 2019 925 001
Scale model of LG1 105mm light and CAESAR 6x6 155mm mobile self-propelled howitzer at ExpoDefensa 2019, defense exhibition in Bogota, Colombia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The 105mm light gun LG1 from Nexter Systems is in service with the Colombia armed forces. It has a maximum range of 17 km and can be towed by a light vehicle or transported by a medium helicopter or parachuted by a military tactical transport aircraft.

The LG1 is in service with the French army as well as in six other countries around the world, including Colombia. The latest version of the Nexter Systems LG1 is fitted with an inertial navigation unit used to guide, position and aim the canon. This system further reduces the time for getting into firing configuration. The LG1 can be also integrated into a firing control system (system C3l).

At ExpoDefensa 2019, Nexter Systems showcases a scale model of its CAESAR 155 mm mobile artillery system that can be mounted on 6x6 on 8x8 truck chassis. In addition to promoting its LG1, Nexter is promoting its combat-proven CAESAR 6x6 in the region.

Caesar 6x6 was deployed for combat operations in Mali, Afghanistan, Lebanon and recently in Iraq.

In March 2017, the Danish Ministry of Defence has announced that the French company Nexter will supply Denmark with new artillery systems Caesar 8x8 155 mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer. Denmark has purchased 15 units of the new system and has an option for 6 more. It will replace the 32 US-built M109A3 self-propelled howitzers.

In addition to the artillery systems, Nexter Systems also promotes its family of 20 mm medium calibers including the SH20 door-mounting for helicopters, the NC621 pod for helicopters and light aircraft, the 20 mm P20 mounted gun that can be mounted on light wheeled vehicle and also deployed on the ground on a tripod, and the Naval 20 mm remote-controlled weapon system NARWHAL®.

Nexter Robotics, a subdivision of Nexter Systems, who designed and produced UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) presents the NERVA.

The NERVA range represents the best technology has to offer in multi-mission robotic systems. The robust, waterproof nature of the NERVA-LG allows it to be thrown on any terrain. It can easily be controlled from any standard PC, tablet or smartphone, and offers semi-autonomous capabilities to reduce operator workload. It also has proven independent operating capabilities, particularly using its waypoint navigation facility and automatic return on mission completion.

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