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Enforce Tac 2019: PRORETA displays CQB Special Doors & Breaching CUBE.

| 2019

During Enforce Tac 2019, taking place in Nuremberg, Germany, PRORETA Tactical GmbH showcases its Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Special Doors and Breaching Cubes.

Enforce Tac 2019 PRORETA displays CQB Special Doors Breaching CUBE
Inside sight of the breaching CUBE made by PRORETA, displayed at Enforce Tac 2019, Germany (Picture source : Army Recognition)

All special doors can be integrated into the system in exactly the same way as the basic modules. The outstanding feature of the PRORETA-made special doors is that they can swing open fully like a room door. Both left and right side opening doors are possible! These doors don’t need to be installed in the system and can also be used on a stand-alone basis and can be purchased separately as a specialty kit.

As for the Breaching Door, it can be adjusted to multiple levels of difficulty. Resistances can be set by inserting different numbers of rods made of different materials and with varying thickness. With the correct configuration, the robust door construction can withstand the strongest ram impact. But it can also be set up to open when pressed. This simple adjustment makes it possible for the team to initially train the right technique, before applying real-life force in later training.

A new addition to the Proreta range is the Shotgun & Explosive Door. Before a mission, special operations units have to practice attaching explosive charges and how to correctly set the shotgun angle against a door. Such Shotgun & Explosive Doors will remain in the training area, the team only has to replace the "sacrificed wood", making it ready to be used again in the next training session. Either the lock and/or the hinges can be fired at to breach and enter the next room.

Regarding the Breaching CUBE, it enables training of many different opening mechanisms, including ram, breach, hydraulic, shotgun, explosive, crowbar, angle grinder/chainsaw, and locksmith. Rapid re-hanging of the door in the course of training enables undetectable changes in the direction of opening from inside-opening to outside-opening. Thus, in the CQB Cube, application of various tools is trained, so that entrance into a building doesn´t become a challenge. Scenarios can be rapidly changed and accessories can be continuously expanded with the help of Masterbreachers. Those Breaching CUBES can be connected with other ones to increase the training area if 3x3m is not enough.

Moreover are the PRORETA breaching CUBE and special doors equipped with cameras, sound systems and other light systems (IR, fire simulation, ...) made by Stanley Security. Those systems are all remotelly controlled from a unique control station. By the use of this control station, the training team can also review its intervention, studying it in order to improve the next training session.


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