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Enforce Tac 2019: EMT seeks opportunities with the police for its LUNA UAV.

| 2019

EMT, a German company that has more than 20 years of experience in the UAV field, notably working with the German armed forces, is now seeking to extend its business sector to the police and homeland security. Therefore, EMT is present at U.T.SEC 2019 (Summit for Drones, Unmanned Technologies & Security), displaying its LUNA UAV.

Enforce Tac 2019 EMT seeks opportunities with the police for its LUNA UAV
EMT's LUNA UAV, alongside its Ground Control Station, both displayed at U.T.SEC 2019 (as part of Enforce Tac 2019), Germany (Picture source : Army Recognition)

The LUNA unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is equipped with state-of-the-art four-axis stabilised daylight and infrared (IR) sensors. It is remotely operated from a Ground Control Station that can be installed in any vehicle. Complete mission playback for post mission evaluation, simulation and training can also be performed in the Ground Control Station.

LUNA is designed as a high-performance glider and is constructed of glass fibre composite material, enhancing its endurance and resulting in low acoustic, thermal and radar signatures. In addition to that, this drone is launched from a noiseless bungee catapult, which is light-weight, can be easily folded up for transportation and be deployed on almost any terrain.

The light-weight LUNA UAV also features lots of key characteristics, including a quick and flexible launch duration, runway and infrastructure independence, a reliable parachute release and landing system, and quick interchangeable daylight and IR payloads.

Among the payloads that can be fitted on this UAV are Synthetic Aperture Radars (SARs), data link relays, high resolution digital photo or video cameras, onboard data storage, meteorological sensors, radio equipment, sensors for land mine detection, target illuminators, IR sensors, daylight sensors, gas and particle samplers, and even radioactivity contamination sensors.

All of these features make of the LUNA UAV an important tool for the armed forces, and surely for the homeland security forces and police forces. It can be used by such operational security forces to prepare for and monitor major events, monitor demonstrations, monitor sensitive traffic routes, support police operations, support disaster management operations, support large-scale fire fighting, optimise border patrols or even to perform surveillance and reconnaissance operations (to monitor terrorist groups for example).

In addition to the German military and security sectors, EMT is open to any request that may come from a foreign company or foreign MoD for the building and delivering of its UAV systems.


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