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Enforce Tac 2019: Bonowi displays its new Multibridge Camlock Baton.

| 2019

German company Bonowi is present at Enforce Tac 2019, displaying its brand new Multibridge Camlock Baton, which is still a prototype.

Enforce Tac 2019 Bonowi displays its new Multibridge Camlock Baton
Multibridge Camlock Baton made by Bonowi on display at Enforce Tac 2019, Germany (Picture source : Army Recognition)

The Bonowi’s multibridge camlock baton does regroup 3 key tools for a policeman; a torch, a baton and a pepper spray. With this regrouping of tools, the multibridge baton helps to free space on the belt of the policemen, allowing them to move easier.

Another key positive effect of this regrouping is the fact that a policeman, facing a situation with a person he has to restrain, has 3 tools in 1 at his disposal. He may use the pepper spray while pointing the torch towards its opponent, making him feel a sense of unease, confusion and disorientation, helping the policeman to then easier hit him with the baton.

The fact that this multibridge tool is easy to take and manipulate helps its user to take other things while using it. It also helps him not to have to put it somewhere to be able to take another weapon or tool, because the fingers are still free to be used while keeping the multibridge in the hand.

The torch has 4 functional modes, going from a soft mode to an extreme mode, and an additional stroboscopic mode. And it can reach up to 600 lumen of light power. As for the pepper spray, a 20ml pepper spray is used, the one that is commonly used in Germany (in respect with the German law). Yet, an advantage that this tool has on conventional pepper sprays (which have to be used mainly in a vertical position) is that this one can be used regardless the orientation of the tool.


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