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US: FLIR Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System unveiled.

| 2018

FLIR Systems has announced the FLIR Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System (VRS), featuring the Black Hornet 3 nano-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The Black Hornet VRS is based on an adaption of the Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS), the world’s smallest combat-proven nano-unmanned aerial system (UAS). Black Hornet VRS enables operation from inside a vehicle.

US FLIR Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System unveiled
Black Hornet 3 nano-UAV (Picture source: FLIR Systems)

Since 2011, the Black Hornet PRS has been fielded by more than 30 armies and remains the state-of-the-art in the combat nano-UAS specialty. FLIR launched the Black Hornet 3, its latest variant, earlier in 2018. “The Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System brings unique situational awareness and understanding to vehicle operators, and provides our warfighters improved safety on the battlefield,” said Jim Cannon, President and CEO of FLIR. “The Black Hornet 3-powered VRS is representative of the company’s new focus on delivering full-solution technology, and we look forward to playing a role in helping modernize our military customers.”


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