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Ukraine successfully tested a new home-made cruise missile.

| 2018

According to kyivpost, a new Ukrainian ground-based cruise missile underwent a successful test launch on Jan. 30, Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov announced.

ukraine tests cruise missile 925 001
(Picture: Ukraine's Defense and Security Council)

According to Turchynov, the missile, a solely Ukrainian project designed by the Kyiv-based Luch defense development bureau, can deliver precise strikes on ground and seaborne targets. “During the successful tests, the missile’s flight efficiency and systems operations were checked,” Turchynov said. He said that under the provisions of the Budapest Memorandum, an agreement signed in 1994 by Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and Britain, under which Ukraine agrees to give up its nuclear arsenal in exchange for security assurances, Ukraine’s armed forces had handed over its cruise missile stockpile. He said the missile’s range and warhead type do not violate Ukraine’s international commitments on this type of weapon.

Later in the day, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko hailed the results of the tests. “More extremely cheering news today,” read a post on Poroshenko’s Facebook page regarding the Jan. 30 tests. None of the official statements gave a name to the cruise missile. However, according to the Defence Blog media outlet, the recently tested missile is identified as the Neptune, a Ukrainian advanced subsonic cruise missile based on the Kh-35, a Soviet-designed subsonic anti-ship missile put into service in Russia in 2003. According to the UkrOboronProm defense industry concern, the Neptunes are capable of sinking warships with displacements of up to 5,000 tons.

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