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Trials of the new Derivatsia-PVO anti-air system to begin in 2018.

| 2018

Government acceptance trials of a new antiaircraft artillery module of 57mm caliber designed by Burevestnik Company for Derivatsia-PVO artillery complex are scheduled to begin in 2018, T-digest online portal quoted Uralvagonzavod CEO Alexander Potapov as saying.

derivatsia pvo anti air bmp3 925 001
The Derivatsia-PVO is based on the combat-proven BMP-3 chassis (source: UVZ )

"It has been a classified project until recently. Derivatsia-PVO existed only as a mockup. Now the concept of the artillery gun has been declassified. Its solo photo shows the vehicle on BMP-3 chassis protected by reactive armor. It has an unmanned automatic combat module," it said. The weapon has to destroy air, light armor and ground and surface targets, as well as troops in buildings and light erections.

The weapon comprises a combat vehicle with high ballistic and precision rapid-fire cannon, a transloader, evacuation vehicle and a set of rounds. Derivatsia-PVO fires standard 57mm shells to the automatic antiaircraft S-60 gun (fragmentation tracers OR-281U and armor-piercing BR-291U), as well as new multirole remotely detonated and guided artillery projectile. The complex can operate in any time of the day and weather. The vehicle obtains targeting information both from the central command post and independently. It will select the best munition for each specific target.

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