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Thales unveils the Bushmaster MR6 at IAV 2018.

| 2018

At International Armoured Vehicles 2018, held in London, January 22-25, Thales unveiled its Bushmaster MR6 Multi-role armoured vehicle. The Busmaster MR6 has increased performances and capabilities in comparison to the first Bushmaster.

Thales Bushmaster IAV 2018
The Bushmaster MR6 in ambulance configuration at IAV 2018 (Credit : Army Recognition)

In terms of mobility the Bushmaster MR6 is now powered by a 330hp engine (300hp for the first version) and has the same maximum range of 800km. It is also equipped of a new ABS braking system and an improved central inflation system.

The vehicle has now an increased troop capacity with 12 people including driver and commander instead of 10.

The protection level has been increased and has improved blast and ballistic protection. The main visible difference between the Bushmaster MR6 and the Bushmaster is that the MR6 has no windows on the side the troop compartment.

Thales Bushmaster IAV 2018 925 002

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