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Slovenia officially selects the Boxer 8x8 Armoured Vehicle.

| 2018

On February 2, Slovenia became the latest customer to choose the Artec GmbH Boxer 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicle, according to an official announcement. The country's government confirmed its intention to join the Boxer multinational program within the framework of the Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation (OCCAR).

boxer for slovenia 001
A Bundeswehr Boxer 8x8 multirole armoured vehicle (Credit: ARTEC GmbH)

Following the announcement, Slovenia's Defense Ministry will now work on a final proposal for accession to the Boxer program. The documents will be discussed and signed in september-october 2018.

Once completed, the agreement will see Slovenia joining Germany, Lithuania and the Netherlands in the Boxer programme as a participating state.

The Boxer armoured vehicle will first equip the Slovenian Armed Forces Central Battalion Battle Group with  48 platforms planned to be delivered between 2018-2022. This bataillon will be followed by a second one to be operational in 2025. First batch of vehicles will be delivered in 2019, with an FOC scheduled by early 2019.

According to defense medias, the Slovenian Boxer vehicles would be provided with the Rheinmetall Lancer turret armed with the Mauser Mk30-2 30mm stabilised cannon. The special characteristic of the Boxer is the modular design, with joint driving as well as a special mission module. This concept particularly differentiates the Boxer from other 8x8 armoured vehicles, which are offered as alternative solutions. The hull of the Boxer is composed of hard steel, and modular armour.

The Boxer power pack consists of a MTU model 8V199 TE20 diesel engine developing 530 kW coupled to an Allison model HD4070 fully automatic transmission with seven forward and three reverse gears.



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