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Russian engineer troops receive new BMR-3MA armored RCVs.

| 2018

Russian engineering troops have received the newest BMR-3MA route clearance vehicles (RCV), the Russian Defense Ministry said. "The military units of engineering troops of the Russian Armed Forces have received modern armored BMR-3MA route clearance vehicles. The manufacturing plant has handed over six such RCVs to the Russian Defense Ministry," the ministry said.

Russian engineer troops receive new BMR 3MA armored RCVs
BMR-3MA Road Clearance Vehicle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The BMR-3MA route clearance vehicle is used to sweep homing horizontal action mines with acoustic and infrared detonators; destroy wire lines of remote cable control of detonators; make passages in minefields laid out on roads, on terrain and in populated areas, including on roads covered with pavement. The vehicle has been developed on the basis of the T-90A tank. It is equipped with a heavy TMT-S roller sweep with inserted devices.

A two-member crew and three engineers stay in a cabin. The crew and the engineers can work in a closed vehicle for two days. The RCV has filters and a ventilation valve; a thermo-electric microclimatic installation; the stocks of food and water for two days; a device for boiling water and warming food and other life-supporting facilities. To make the RCV more protected against high-explosive grenades and guided anti-tank rockets the vehicle’s body is equipped with dynamic protection and the launchers of smoke grenade dischargers. The weapons comprise a 12.7-mm remote controlled anti-aircraft machine-gun capable of waging precision fire at air and ground targets at ranges of up to 2,000 meters.


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