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Russian 90th Tank division to receive upgraded BMP-2M.

| 2018

The 90th Tank division in the Urals will be the first formation fully rearmed with upgraded BMP-2M combat vehicles. It is a test site for new tactic and staff matrix. BMP-2M can fire at spaces and armored vehicles. The experience of the 90th division will be introduced in the troops, the Izvestia daily writes.

Russian 90th Tank division to receive upgraded BMP 2M
BMP-2M (Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin)

The Defense Ministry decided to arm the division with the latest modification of BMP-2M infantry fighting vehicles equipped with Berezhok combat module. Motorized infantry regiments and motorized rifle battalions of tank regiments will receive the vehicle to enhance firepower and antitank capabilities of the infantry.

BMP-2 is the latest modification of BMP-2 which won praise of the military. It has been supplied since 1980s and properly performed due to high maneuverability, cross-country capacity and operation in various climates. The Berezhok modification of BMP-2 was initially designed for export. The first vehicles were supplied to Algeria. They were later appraised in Russia and the military decided to arm the Russian armed forces with them.

BMP-2M has a modern fire control system, new weapons and a more powerful engine. Besides 30mm automatic gun and a coaxial 7.62mm machinegun, it is armed with an automatic grenade launcher and antitank guided missiles. The fire control system includes a panoramic sight of the commander with a heat imager. The operator’s workplace is equipped with a two-plane stabilized combined sight, a night sight and a laser ranger. The vehicle has a new fire control complex to automatically hit the targets. The operator has only to select it and press the button.

The 90th tank division was formed in 2016 and is deployed in Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions. It was awarded the guard title and the honorary name of Vitebsk-Novgorod division of two Orders of the Red Banner. During the war the decorations belonged to the 90th rifle division which in 1965-1985 was called the 90th Guard tank division. In contrast to the Soviet structure, the recreated division has two tank and two motorized rifle regiments instead of three and one. It also comprises self-propelled artillery and antiaircraft missile regiments and separate battalions of combat and rear provision.


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