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Russia: newest Silok anti-UAV systems first deployed to Central Military District.

| 2018

The newest systems, Silok, for countering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), have been first deployed under the state defense order to the Central Military District (CMD). The systems have been allocated to the 2nd army located in the Volga region, the district press service reports.

Russia newest Silok anti UAV systems first deployed to Central Military District
Silok, the Russian army's anti-UAV system (Picture source: D.R.)

"The first examples of the newest Silok systems have arrived in the 2nd combined arms army of the Central Military District. These are designed for electronic countermeasures against unmanned aerial vehicles. The system automatically seeks and determines coordinates, making it possible to neutralize, at a range of several kilometers, unmanned vehicles operating in various frequency ranges," the press service specified.

Previously, major-general Rustam Muradov, the 2nd combined arms army commander, at a rally with commanding officers of military units and contingents, spoke about the need for training to optimize various tactical methods and control techniques based on the Syria combat experience, including those against unmanned aerial vehicles.


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