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Russia: first operational Arctic Tor-M2DT in 2018.

| 2018

Coastal forces of the Northern fleet will receive Arctic antiaircraft missile complexes Tor-M2DT this year. They can destroy all types of aircraft and guided air munitions even in minus 70-degree frosts. The Arctic version of the system was demonstrated at the VE-Day parade in 2017, the Izvestia daily writes.

Russia first operational Arctic Tor M2DT in 2018
Tor-M2DT will become operational in air defense units of the 80th motorized infantry brigade by the end of 2018 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Defense Ministry told the newspaper Tor-M2DT will become operational in air defense units of the 80th motorized infantry brigade by the end of the year. The crews are being trained and engage in training missile launches at Kapustin Yar range. The ministry said the Arctic Tors successfully fired and destroyed two dummy targets imitating cruise missiles.

The creation of a special Arctic Tor version was necessary because of harsh Polar conditions. The weapon needs an undercarriage capable of driving in deep snow. The equipment has to operate at minimal temperatures which are lower than minus 50 degrees that are standard for the Russian hardware.

The Arctic Tor is mounted on two-section cross-country vehicle DT-30PM. The ground pressure of its wide track is less than that of a human being. The vehicle can drive in marshes, deep snow and float. The launcher and radar are mounted in the back section while control equipment and the crew (commander and operator) are in the head section behind the driver.

Tor-M2 carries 16 guided antiaircraft missiles and can simultaneously fire at four various targets at altitudes of 10 km. It can fight cruise missiles which, as a rule, approach their targets at very low altitudes and bypass terrain relief. Tor is fully automatic and can engage in combat without crew interference.

Expert Alexey Leonkov said the new weapon is fit for the Extreme North to the maximum. "The Arctic Tor chassis was selected by sophisticated comparative trials held by the Defense Ministry several years ago. It organized a tundra rally. The Kupol Company from Izhevsk, which produces Tor, upgraded its module and improved the heating. As a result, frost-resistant option of the powerful antiaircraft weapon appeared and has already been praised by Russian and foreign military," he said.

Tor-M tracks up to 48 targets. They can include various objects that differ in direction and flight altitude, speed and maneuvering capabilities. "Tor-M considerably increases army air defense potential in the north. Due to highly mobile platform it can protect troops on the battlefield and ensure air defense of military facilities," Leonkov said.

The weapon also has an artificial intellect. "Launcher batteries can jointly fire at targets. The detection station determines the most dangerous sections and engage other Tor if the firepower of one weapon is insufficient. Jamming-resistant missiles are used. Ordinary electronic warfare means are incapable against them," he said.

The 80th brigade was created in 2015 and deployed in Murmansk region. In interaction with airborne forces and marines of the Northern fleet it has to defend the coast from Murmansk to Novosibirsk Islands. The Arctic brigade is trained to destroy adversary assault on the coast, patrol cross-country terrain and conduct raids. The servicemen can move on dog and deer sleds, but special hardware plays the main role, the Izvestia said.


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