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New Titan-S 6x6 APC armored personnel carrier launched by INKAS Vehicles UAE.

| 2018

The UAE-based Company INKAS Vehicles continues to develop new armoured vehicles to response to the new needs of military and security market. Army Recognition editorial team with its Defense and Security was in United Arab Emirates to visit the production line of INKAS factory. At the same time during our video report, INKAS Vehicles has unveiled its new INKAS Titan-S 6x6 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier).

New Titan S 6x6 APC from Inkas Vehicles from United Arab Emirates 925 001
New INKAS Vehicles Titan-S 6x6 APC Armored Personnel Carrier (Picture source Army Recognition)

The INKAS factory was opened in 2012, to provide a new range of protected and armoured vehicles to military and security forces from all over the world. With its 110,000 sq ft facility including four workshops, glass and laser facilities, INKAS vehicle is able to provide armored and protected vehicle according to customers requirements.

INKAS Vehicles has developed the Titan, a family of armored vehicles that can be used by SWAT team, Border Patrol, law enforcement agencies and military operations and designed for Military operations in challenging combat zones. All the vehicles are tested not only do they conform to the protection level intended but also to the highest quality.

Army Recognition Defense and Security Web TV has made an exclusive video interview with Mister Ulugbekhon Maksumov, CEO of INKAS Vehicles in UAE. According to him, INKAS Vehicles focus its main business activities to the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

"During the latest few months, the military and security market has seen an increase of demands for APC “Armored Personal Carrier” vehicles which are military vehicles in our focused regions comparing to commercial vehicles. INKAS Vehicles continues to develop and design new protected and armored vehicles offering high performances, stability, protection and maneuverability.", said Ulugbekhon Maksumov.

For this reason INKAS vehicles has developed its new Titan-S 6x6 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) vehicle. The TITAN-S is built on the Dodge Ram 5500 chassis. The TITAN-S APC is a multi-tasking mine resistant armored vehicle with a protection level up to STANAG II. The vehicle can be armored up to Stanag 4569 level II.

The layout of the Titan-S 6x6 APC is standard with the engine at the front, crew in the middle and troop's compartment at the rear. It has the capacity to carry 12 military personnel including driver, commander and 10 troops. There is two forward opening doors in each side of the hull and one manual door at the rear of the hull used by the troops to enter and leave the vehicle.

The roof of the Titan-S 6x6 APC can be fitted with a single-man open top turret mounted which can be armed with a machine gun up to 12.7mm caliber. The gunner position is protected on 360° with armoured plates including small bullet proof windows allow 360 ° observation under shielding. On request, the vehicle can be also fitted with a remote weapon station that allows the gunner to operate the main weapon from inside the vehicle with a high degree of precision and under the protection of the vehicle.

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