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New Motorized Brigade in the Belgian army has been created.

| 2018

The Land Component of the Belgian armed forces has launched its new Motorized Brigade. The new structure of the Belgian army now includes the Motorized Brigade, the Special Operations Regiment, a Military Police unit, an Information Operations unit, an Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit, a field accommodation unit, a movement control group, four training camps, and an instruction centre for land troops.

New Motorized Brigade in the Belgian army has been created 925 002
Colonel Crucifix new commander of Motorized Brigade of Belgian army (Picture source Army Recognition)

The new Motorized Brigade of the Belgian army is a tactical element with strategic influence which is able to mix and combine effects in order to offer various flexible and adapted solutions to complex and evolving problems. Furthermore, the Motorized Brigade is able to counter classical, asymmetric as well as hybrid threats.

To execute its mission, the Belgian army Motorized Brigade needs the integration and synchronization of multiple capabilities in order to create Combined Arms. Therefore, the Brigade is composed of a combat capability (maneuver), a Combat Support capability (Reconnaissance, Artillery and Engineer), a Combat Service Support capability (Logistics and Communications) and enablers from other components.

The new Belgian Army Motorized Brigade includes 1 Headquarter, 1 medical unit, 2 Motorized infantry battalions, 2 Engineer battalions, 2 Logistics Battalions, 1 artillery battalion, 1 reconnaissance battalion, 2 communication and information systems unit, and 2 training camps.

In total, there are about 10,600 men and women serving the Land Component of the Belgian armed forces. Their mission: preparation and training for foreign missions. The Land Component permanently deploys hundreds of servicemen in operations, anywhere in the world, both on land and at sea. Their missions include providing support in Afghanistan, support to the Iraqi army and the coalition in Iraq, support in Mali, boarding at sea, and participation in Military Partnership Programs in several African countries.

With its 35 units the Land Component of the Belgian armed forces is involved in numerous international operations and carries out a wide range of missions. On the Belgian territory, the land troops can provide support to the population and they are responsible for defending the country.

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