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IndoDefence 2018: NorthSeaDrones unveils jet and prop STOVL drone.

| 2018

The Swedish company NorthSeaDrones is unveiling a unique drone solution combining jet engine and propellers to enable a drone to fly very fast and be recovered by vertical landing, which makes it usable from any ground or naval departure point.

IndoDefence 2018 NorthSeaDrones unveils jet and prop STOVL drone
NorthSeaDrones' vertical landing jet drone project (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Swedish designers of this unique short takeoff, vertical landing UAV had in mind the development of a drone with a 1.5kg payload for a surveillance camera, usable from either a ground or naval departure point. Being 2meter long and 2meter wide (wing span), its thin shape makes it a very difficult object to detect and, hence, to shoot down.

Its jet engine fuel capacity of 12 liters (10 kg) enables the 25 kg maximum takeoff weight of the drone to fly up to 50 km at a speed exceeding 350 km/h. The drone completes its flight using its jet engine. When arriving at its recovery point, three hatches covering the electrically powered propellers are ejected and the drone can hover up to 2 minutes to land.

Designing a jet-powered drone was particularly difficult in terms of permanent balance fuel management, both in horizontal flight and in turn, as the fuel decreases and moves inside the specially designed tank system.

NorthSeaDrones also develops a target drone with similar dimensions and performances, also jet powered. Its speed will exceed 450 km/h.


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