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IndoDefence 2018: GAZ-Ralika displays off-road Sadko truck.

| 2018

Among the numerous products manufactured in partnership with Indonesian companies (as imposed by the local legislation), a small-medium 4x4 truck from GAZ presented as "off-road RHD medium-duty truck Sadko NEXT" drew some attention from the visitors.

IndoDefence 2018 GAZ Ralika displays off road Sadko truck 
GAZ medium-duty 4x4 truck "Sadko Next" marketed in Indonesia via a partnership with Ralika PT Rajawali Lintas Kreasi , Iteko Cooperation (Picture source: Army Recognition)

This 4x4 medium tuck enjoys excellent off-road capabilities, a "must" in countries like the SouthEast Aian ones. GAZ, its original designer and manufacturer, proposes it either in right-hand or left-hand drive. The front and rear axle differential locks, tire inflation system and large approach and departure angles provide high mobility performances. And a winch is proposed in option, not a superfluous accessory in Asian jungles, mostly in rainy season. The 4-cylinder turbocharged Euro 5 diesel engine of 4.43 liters develops 150 hp (110 kW) with a 490 Nm torque, an excellent asset for off-road use. It is coupled to a 5-speed gearbox and a mechanical transfer box. The maximum speed of this 4,270kg (6,850 kg with payload) truck is only 95 km/h, not a crucial limitation in off-road use for which this tuck is mainly dedicated.


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