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India needs to acquire new Quick-Reaction air defense missile system.

| 2018

According to the India Today newspaper website, Indian army looks to acquire a new air defense systems offering better performances than foreign products. The DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) of India has accepted to develop a new type of air defense missile system.

India needs to acquire new air defense missile system to relace Soviet made SA 8 925 001
Indian army SA-8 air defense missile system at military parade in New Delhi, India. (Picture source Indian MoD)

The Indian army would like to acquire new missile systems to equip eight regiments of Quick Reaction-Surface to Air Missiles. According to the needs of the army, the new missile should have the ability to destroy aerial target at a maximum range of 20 km. The goal of the Indian Army is to replace the old Soviet-made SA-8 OSA-AK which was developed 40 years ago.

The SA-8 is a Soviet-made mobile air defense using a 6x6 truck chassis designated BAZ-5937. SA-8 Gecko is armed with 6 missiles ready to fire, mounted on the roof of the vehicle. Missile is tracked by radio-command guiding system. Engagement range for the SA-8 Gecko missile is approximately 2–9 km and engagement altitudes of between 50–5000 m. The 9M33M2 "Osa-A" missile extends the ranges out to 1,500 - 10,000m and engagement altitudes to 25 – 5,000 m.

According to the specifications provide by the Indian army to the DRDO for the development of the new air defense missile system, the Army asked the research agency to produce a better system than the products offered by the foreign manufacturers.

In the previous plan, India has requested the supply of three regiments for urgent operational requirements for the Indian Land Forces, but DRDO has offered to produce equipment for five regiments under the "Make in India" program.

DRDO has confirmed its capacity to develop a new missile able to flight at a speed of 700 to 800m/sec. The radar developed for the new air defense missile system will have more capabilities and an extended range than the foreign proposal.



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