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IDEAS 2018: Heavy Industries Taxila unveils new Viper Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

| 2018

At this year’s edition of IDEAS, being held in Karachi (Pakistan), the local armament group Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) unveiled a new tracked IFV dubbed “Viper”.

IDEAS 2018 Heavy Industries Taxila unveils new Viper Infantry Fighting Vehicle 001
The Viper Infantry Fighting Vehicle showcased at IDEAS 2018
(Credit: RealKarachi /

The Viper is a further development of the Talha armoured personnel carrier, which is a modern variant of the well-known American M-113 APC, produced in this country for a long time.

The vehicle integrates a remote control combat module which mainly incorporates Russian systems. It features a 2A42 30 mm automatic cannon, an NSV 12.7 mm machine gun mounted above the gun, and two AT-5B Konkurs-M anti-tank guided missiles on the left side of the turret. A digital optronic sensor also provides EO/IR sights for the gunner and commander. This modular optronic mast is ideal for long day and night surveillance missions.

The Viper can carry up to nine dismounted soldier and a crew of three: a driver, a gunner and the vehicle’s commander.

In its basic version, the Viper has a MTOW of 11,000 kg. It is powered by a 360 hp diesel engine, providing a maximum speed of 62 km/h.

As it can be seen on the pictures, the HIT designers have seriously worked on enhancing the protection. Besides extensive armor plates, the vehicle is also equipped with two series of four smoke grenade launchers mounted on each side of the 2A42 gun. The crew compartment includes suspended seats for a better survivability against IEDs and mines.

According to local media, the Viper IFV will undergo acceptability trials soon.

Heavy Industries Taxila is one of the largest defence manufacturer in Pakistan and has grown into a military industrial complex since its foundation 1971.


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