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Eurosatory 2018: PGM Mini Hecate II precision rifle enters international market.

| 2018

PGM Precision is an official supplier to French and foreign armed forces, the GIGN and RAID police tactical units and other elite units. The French manufacturer will be present at EUROSATORY to showcase its latest weapon, the Mini Hecate II, for elite military marksmen. Since it was founded in 1991, PGM Precision has been the badge of excellence in marksmanship, as well as military and civilian long‐range shooting.

PGM Hecate II at eurosatory 01
PGM Mini Hecate II precision rifle at Eurosatory 2018

PGM weapons are known and recognised worldwide for being robust and accurate. Right from the design stage, they are intended for tactical uses by the military and police, but also for recreational shooting. PGM is THE benchmark for trained marksmen.

PGM rifles are tailored to trained military marksmen as well as civilian sports and recreational users. PGM's stratospheric rise to feature among the manufacturers of shooting excellence began in 1991 with a first order for Ultima Ratio rifles from the French RAID tactical unit. In 1995, in the midst of the Bosnian conflict, the French army ordered the Hecate II rifle, renowned as being the world's best weapon in its calibre. After the army, PGM then supplied the police and special units with the PGM338, in 2001. The Mini Hecate I followed in 2002 and has been updated this year, ready to feature at Eurosatory 2018.

PGM's French parent company, the Teissier Group (€17 m turnover in 2017 and 100 employees) specialises in mechanical solutions, precision machining, sheet metal finishes and mechanical component assembly. PGM benefits from specialist input from this Haut Savoie‐based group with its prestigious track record in arms manufacturing, aeronautics, robotics, medical and luxury products. This French expertise includes highprecision weapons that PGM designs and constantly enhances. It's premier, world‐class, rifles are the Ultima Ratio, the Hécate 2, the PGM338 and the Ludis for sportsmen and women.

PGM has sold almost 8,000 weapons worldwide and is France's leading high‐precision rifle manufacturer and is one of the top 5 global players. The PGM team comprises some one hundred employees, providing highquality service and manufacturing with all the hallmarks of solidity, longevity, reliability and, above all, accuracy. The components for each weapon are made in France (in Annecy), enabling PGM to provide direct after‐sales service with a stock of readily‐available parts.

In addition to its stand‐out models, PGM also designs and manufactures sound suppressors together with a range of accessories for the rifle range it is developing. This modularity allows PGM to provide an advanced bespoke approach to achieve ever higher levels of performance, even in the toughest conditions. Thanks to its expertise and close relations with the very best partners, PGM offers a turnkey solution ranging from fully‐customised weapons to training users and firearm dealers, including a choice of tactical accessories (PGM riflescopes, silencers, ammunition and rifle rests, etc.).

PGM Precision is an official supplier to the French armed forces, as well as several French and foreign elite units, and looks forward to seeing you at booth G617 in Hall 6 to show you its outstanding rifles.


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