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Eurosatory 2018: Stimshop developed ultrasound communication system.

| 2018

Created in 2013, STIMSHOP has patented an ultrasound signal that goes through all speakers and microphones. Since 2015, it has been developing solutions for presence detection, authentication and wireless communication in constrained environments (explosive, electro sensitive, ultra-secure).

stimshop ultrasound signal eurosatory 2018
(Picture source stimshop )

Wi-Fi is not always the ideal solution to communicate wirelessly. Signal strength is altered depending on the environment. Too much interference will drop the reception. Even multiplying routers is not the solution when the environment is very humid or electrosensitive. And when security is the priority, physical properties of radio frequencies makes it possible to capture the signal from outside. In zones where radio frequencies are not effective or not permitted, wireless communication is a problem because it becomes expensive and dangerous for health or can scramble electrosensitive devices.

With STIMCOM, STIMSHOP has invented a new wireless communication protocol based on its patented ultrasound signal.

• Ultrasound is harmless and secure. Mechanic waves are inoffensive and stays confined in the place.

• It’s universal and easy to deploy. STIMSHOP signal can be broadcasted through any speaker. A two years research was necessary to develop this exclusive technology.

• It’s multiplexing capabilities are unique. Orange Lab in Rennes said STIMCOM technology was the most robust and reliable. It’s now part of the new Orange Business Services offer: Physical Connect.

The biggest nuclear power plant in Europe (EDF, 6 hearts at Gravelines) adopted STIMCOM for the nuclear fuel rods reloading proceedings. EDF Cruas NPP uses STIMCOM to send wirelessly weight measurements instead of wiring. STIMSHOP is activating new use cases in very various sectors every month. Aviation and Aerospatiale companies like Airbus Helicopters, ESA and CNES are working with STIMSHOP on optimizing wiring. STIMSHOP plan to build an ultrasound protection dome for radiography shots with Institut de Soudure. Kedge University installed a check ‘in procedure for students via the university mobile app. DGA (French Army) is studying silent communication with ultrasound. Even European Basketball League synchronised a light show on audience smartphones before the final match in Belgrade in May 2018!

Ultrasound becomes a sustainable part of the wireless communication ecosystem. Ultrasound technology is becoming a strong alternative to complement Wi-Fi and LiFi. Even if the debit is low (160 bauds) and will never be high because of sound wave properties, STIMCOM is simple and cheap to implement. It offers new services for wireless communication under any circumstance. It frees operators to communicate in mobility. It simplifies data transfer in clean zones,

without electromagnetic interference. And connection to robots, machines, between devices… To stay ahead on this new technology, STIMSHOP is working on
MULTISONIC, a plug & play connector with STIMCOM inside. It will accelerate ultrasound technology adoption. STIMSHOP signed a partnership with Mines Paristech and CNRS and is raising 1M€ funds to finance this R & D program.


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