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ELNO's new headset unveiled at Eurosatory is named OPTIONE.

| 2018

ELNO has introduced its OPTIONE headset for the first time at EUROSATORY 2018. Using the latest wireless and electronic miniaturization technologies combined with cartilaginous conduction, this headset reproduces the signals from radios or intercoms which it is connected to while keeping your ears completely free.

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ELNO's new headset for French forces (Picture source Army Recognition)

ELNO is a recognized supplied of head-mounted audio equipment for many armed forces around the world. Drawing on its experience of structure-borne sound transmission as applied to audio helmets (having supplied more than 30,000, including to infantry soldiers equipped with integrated equipment and links (FELIN), ELNO has developed a range of cartilaginous sound conduction equipment : after HOPLITE, selected for the SCORPION program, ELNO is ow unveiling OPTIONE.

Rather than transmitting the sound inside auditory canal as is usually the case, cartilage sound transmission uses a device that vibrates the trigs, a cartilage projection which is close to the ear. This vibration is propagated to the internal ear with osteophonic technology.

The main advantage of this design is that it is lightweight and is ergonomic as a result of the absence of any shell covering the ear of system compressing the head. It is hence very comfortable to wear for several hours, even in an extreme environment. In extreme ambient noise, ear plugs can also be worn without affecting quality.

After several years of work and filing patents concerning this technology, ELNO is now also able to offer an Augmented Sound Reality function on this headset. Following the example of what occurred in 3D imaging, ELNO has developed an algorithmic method to separate human voices and reproduce them for soldiers as if they were at the center of a conversation combining several of discerning distinct voices mixed together can hence be resolved, because these voices are emitted naturally by the latest tactical multichannel/voice communications systems. Soldiers can therefore concentrate very easily on one single voice rather tant an another, as we all do when we are in the middle of a conversation with multiple participants. Under certain conditions, this also helps you to follow several simple conversations at the same time, or at least makes this easier.

Eurosatory will also be the opportunity for ELNO to present the complete renewal of its head-mounted equipment with its HOPLITE range in operation :
- HOPLITE 3D - external 3D listening - associated with the ELIPS TY intercom for medium-sized vehicles, for Special Forces in particular;
- HOPLITE HN, with oversized noise protection, developed for particularly noisy vehicles and which is a precursor for future audio helmets for heavy tanks.
- HOPLIE standard is presented with the ELIPS intercom system for the French Army's future GRIFFON and JAGUAR.


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