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DSA 2018: New Condor 4x4 vehicle logistic support variant unveiled by Deftech.

| 2018

Deftech new logistic support variant of the Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Condor 4x4 armored vehicle makes its first public appearance in a defense show a this year Defence Services Asia exhibition.

New condor logistic support 001
The Condor 4x4 armored vehicle in logistics support variant

Unveiled in August 2017 during the Malaysian Independence Day parade, the Condor cargo vehicle is a converted variant mainly dedicated to general logistic support. Top half of the APC has been removed to allow containers supplying. The crew is then reduced to 4 soldiers. 

This version is powered by a Deutz 4 cylinder engine providing a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

According to previous publications, the vehicle was primarily designed to transport the Aludra UAV system in service with the Malaysian Armed Forces. Developped by Unmanned Systems Technology Sdn Bhd, the Aludra Mk1 UAV is operated on a lease contract with the Malaysian Armed Forces to perform the surveillance and reconnaissance mission in Sabah border.

Malaysia ordered 460 Condor APCs late in 1981, with the last of these delivered in March 1984. It is in used in all four regiments of the Royal Amoured Corps of the Malaysian Army and will be decommissioned starting 2018. However, the decommissioned Condor will be replaced with the Armoured Vehicle 8x8 GEMPITA for only two Regiments of the Royal Armoured Corps.


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