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Bittium starts deliveries of mobile devices to Mexican authorities.

| 2018

Bittium has received the first orders from Mexican government authorities for mobile devices developed for a satellite communication system. The mobile devices have been developed in a product development project that started in the year 2015. The product development phase has been successfully concluded and the devices are now in volume production. The total value of the first orders is approximately 2 million euros and the devices will be delivered to the customers by the end of the first quarter of 2018. The mobile devices are manufactured in Finland.

Bittium starts volume deliveries of mobile devices developed for Mexican governmentauthorities 925 001
The new mobile devices developped for the Mexican authorities are hybrid devices which can be used for communication in both the satellite and terrestrial networks. (Credit Bittium)

Bittium has opened a branch office in Mexico to enable high quality customer support for the local customers, and to contribute to sales and marketing in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Mr. Fernando Castillo has been appointed as the General Manager of the branch office in Mexico. Mr. Castillo has long experience from the Mexican authorities market.

“These first volume orders for the new mobile devices are continuation to a successful product development phase and good cooperation with the Mexican authorities. These are the most advanced hybrid devices in the world developed for a satellite communication system, which can be used for communication in both the satellite and terrestrial networks. In addition to high quality products, we want to offer our customers in Mexico high quality support and local services. Our presence in Mexico will also give us better visibility to the whole Latin American market”, says Mr. Hannu Huttunen, CEO of Bittium.

In addition to the branch office in Mexico, Bittium has sales and customer support activities in the United Kingdom, Singapore and USA. Bittium currently employs altogether over 600 employees worldwide.

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