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Air Show China 2018: New UAV-based communication relay unveiled by CETC.

| 2018

At Air Show China 2018, being held in Zhuhai until November 11, China Electronics Technology Group (CETC) is proposing for the first time a new UAV-based communication relay system designed to enhance communication capabilities in harsh environment. 

UAV communication system photo 001
CETC new UAV-based communication relay system
(Picture source Army Recognition)

This aerial communication relay multi-rotor UAV meets different requirements by improving investigation capability and secure communication in complex environment. It perfectly suits specific communication needs in anti-terror, peace keeping, or deep reconnaissance missions, for example.

The UAV carries one HD electro-optical system for detection and identification of air and ground targets through a real-time datalink connexion with the command post. According CETC, it identifies human and vehicle targets at respectively 100 and 200 meters.

It also integrates a TD-LTE station in order to facilitate the setting up of area or local broadband communication system, providing secure voice and video communication. The UAV solves problem of limited coverage of ground-based communication equipment in complex environment such as urban terrain. It covers a communication radius of about 20 km and guarantees a 5Mbps transmission rate. According to CETC, the system has an operational autonomy of 8 hours. It has a maximum speed of about 100 km/h.

This UAV-based communication node is convenient to carry, can be unfold very quickly, is user-friendly, and ensures safety investigation with efficient broadban communication cover.


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