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ADEX 2018: Ispra promotes Cyclone Riot Control Drone System.

| 2018

The Israel-based company Ispra is promoting its Cyclone Anti Riot Drone System at ADEX 2018, held until September 27th at the Baku Expo Center (Azerbaijan). "This unique and innovative solution developed by ISPRA allows law enforcement units to react when a barrier or obstacle is separating between the parties," the company says.

ADEX 2018 Azerbaijan international defence exhibition Baku 28
Ispra's Cyclone Anti Riot Drone System at ADEX 2018
(Picture source Army Recognition)

The Cyclone riot control drone system provides police forces with the capability to disperse less lethal munitions from drones, allowing maximum accuracy, real time control of riot situations and minimum injuries to civilian while maintaining distance between police forces and rioters.

Utilizing latest technologies, ISPRA's anti riot drone provides law enforcement units with an extremely large range mode of work, enabling them to react against rioters and demonstrators at an early stage of the event, at a distance while avoiding direct confrontation with rioters.

ISPRA’s drone has been available since at least January 2015, and the company calls itself a “preferred supplier” of Israeli defense and police forces on its website.

Its Cyclone unit can be easily mounted on drones, with fast and simple reloading on site. It can fire up to 12 subminitions in aluminium, launching an active agent in less than four seconds.


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