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AAD 2018: Denel unveils new RG31 Mk5 Ibululu Light High Mobility armored vehicle.

| 2018

At AAD 2018, the South African Company unveils the RG31 Mk5 LHM (Light High Mobility) vehicle nicknamed Ibululu, the vehicle is based on the 4x4 armored vehicle RG31 Mk5 fitted with a remotely operated weapon station mounted at the rear of the chassis.

Denel unveils new RG31 Mk5 Ibululu Light High Mobility armored vehicle 925 001
RG31 Mk5 LHM (Light High Mobility) vehicle nicknamed Ibululu at AAD 2018, Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition in South Africa. September 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The RG31 mk5 is a 4×4 armored mine-protected personnel carrier vehicle (MPV) developed by Land Systems South Africa (LSSA) from BAE Systems in South Africa, who is now part of Denel Vehicle Systems. The RG31 Mk5 is classified in the category of MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected) vehicle.

The front of the RG31 Ibululu is equipped with an armored crew cab that can accommodate 2 people. The vehicle has a V-shaped monocoque-welded steel hull, which provides protection against IEDs and ballistic threats.

The RG31 Ibululu is motorized with a 205 kW Cummins engine coupled to an Allison 3000 SP transmission. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 100 km/h. The all-wheel drive and suspension with semi-elliptic leaf springs and double-acting shock absorbers provide the vehicle with excellent on and off-road mobility.

Denel unveils new RG31 Mk5 Ibululu Light High Mobility armored vehicle 925 002
Close view of the TRT turret mounted on the RG31 Mk5 Ibululu (Picture source Army Recognition)

The troop's compartment of the original RG31 Mk5 has been removed and replaced by the The Tactical Remote Turret (TRT) designed by Denel Mechatronics. The TRT Turret’s armament suite consists of a 20/30mm rapid fire cannon, co-axial machine gun as well as possible anti-tank Guided Missiles (ATGM).

The TRT turret is equipped with electromechanical drives and sight equipment giving it all round observation, fast reaction time and accurate weapon firing abilities. It is equipped with safety interlocks and mechanisms for effective and safe use of the weapons from behind cover. The TRT turret is controlled remotely while the operator is seated under protection inside the vehicle. The operator interface is intuitive and easy to understand. The turret has a traverse of 360° and elevation from -15° to +55°.

The TRT turret is fitted with an independent stabilized sight provides silent all round surveillance. It has also state-of-the-art electro-optics having its range and effectiveness determined by the choice of weapons. Targets can typically be identified at >4 000 m by day and >3 000 m during night conditions.

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