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Russia to use TOS-1A flamethrower rocket launcher in Syria.

| 2017

Russia continues to deploy modern military equipment in Syria, according to a video released on YouTube, December 29, 2017, showing a Russian TOS-1A flamethrower unloaded from a truck in Syria's Idlib province published by the Telegram channel 338 on Instagram.

Russia to use TOS 1A flamethrower rocket launcher in Syria 925 001
TOS-1A flamethrower used in Syria (Picture source Twiter)

In November 2017, another video was published showing firing of rockets that was described as the Russian-made flamethrower TOS-1A. This type of artillery systems could be used to support the Syrian army offensive against Islamite fighters in Idlib's southern areas, according to the Sputnik News website.

The TOS flamethrower was first used in combat during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1988, but didn't make its public debut until more than a decade later, during the Second Chechen War in 1999. Lately, the Iraqi army has used it during its fight against ISIS.

The TOS is designated flamethrower because it can fire thermobaric rockets that disperse a cloud of flammable liquid into the air around the target, and then ignite it. The results are devastating—not only is the explosion significantly longer and the shockwave significantly hotter and stronger than a conventional warhead, but all the oxygen in the near vicinity is also consumed, creating a partial vacuum.

The TOS-1A is designed for fire support of infantry and tanks, defeating enemy personnel at unconcealed environment and under the shelter in various kinds of offensive and defensive combat action, and also for incapacitation of light armored transport and vehicles.

High accuracy calculation of firing angle for unguided rockets allocates targets of the impact point on the area in a way that makes it possible to cover a target densely at 6 seconds of full salvo duration at the maximum range of 6,000 m. It allows suppressing enemy active actions for a long time period at considerable areas and 100% destruction of unconcealed enemy personnel at the area of 40,000 square meters.

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